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Recommendation posts:
2019, Top Ten Reads of 2019 So Far…

2017, Five Most Anticipated Sequels
2017, Five Most Anticipated Paperbacks
2017, Five Upcoming Under-the-Radar YA Releases
2017, Five Upcoming Under-the-Radar Fantasy & Sci-fi Releases

Monthly Round-Ups:
A Year In Review, 2017
2018, January
2018, February
2018, March
2018, April
2018, May
2018, June
2018, August
2017, January
2017, February
2017, March
2017, April
2017, May
2017, June
2017, July
2017, August
2017, September
2017, October
2017, November
2017, December

Currently Reading/”Shelfies”:
2017, February Shelfie

Challenge Posts:
Burn, Rewrite, Reread Challenge
Clean Sweep ARC Challenge, May 2017

AtlasRisingBooks Turns One!
Getting Down With The Technology
Three Months of Blogging
How To Rate Books?
Oh, the Things I Do For Book Blogging

Netgalley & ARCs
A Month on Netgalley
2017, Five ARCs I Was Thrilled To Get

A Warrior Cats Child
Beauty Is In The Eye of the Book-Holder
Books With Sport, It’s More Fun Than It Might Sound
Christmas Books
Five Books I Mistakenly Thought I’d Love
Five Series That I’ll Never Finish
Five Popular Books I Felt Ambivalent About
Making time & reading more
When Should Authors Stop?



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