Breakthrough, Kris Bryant


“I was no match for her. I was a city girl through and through”

Kennedy Wells is desperate to get back her dream job writing for Mainstream, Waters Publishing’s celebrity magazine. A born and bred city girl, Kennedy is sent to cover fishing in Alaska, which has her feeling just like a fish out of water. When Brynn Coleman, director of Alaska’s Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, comes to her rescue time after time, Kennedy can’t help but lower her guard.

* * *
3 / 5

Breakthrough is a classic story: city girl is sent to the “wilds” of Alaska and meets  a rough and tough ranger girl. They fall in love. It’s a sweet and readable story, but the writing is somewhat rough and awkward to read in places.

Kennedy Wells writes for a celebrity magazine. After a bit of a rough time at work, Kennedy is sent to the wilds of Alaska to cover stories about local fishing. As you might guess, this is not exactly her area of comfort or expertise, and when she gets into a few spots of trouble she is saved by Brynn Coleman, a park ranger. Whilst neither woman is looking for a relationship there are undeniable sparks of attraction flying around left and right.

“I had nothing planned but you today”

The romance itself was sweet and rather slow-burn. Like any romance novel there are bumps in the road in their progression from strangers to partners; most of these bumps involve Kennedy having the worst luck in the world and being rather helpless. This gave their relationship a fun dynamic, but it did feel a bit overdone when Kennedy was in trouble for the fifth time.

I loved the setting of the book: Alaska sounds like such an amazing place to visit. The plot really takes advantage of the location to add a little heat and drama to the novel. What I wasn’t so fond of was the writing – lots of sections read quite rough and the scenes didn’t really flow together very well. As a reader, I got the impression that I was being told everything, rather than being shown, which detracted from my enjoyment of the book.

My thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book. 

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