Lovestruck, Kate Watson


It’s everything I can do not to shoot him with an arrow. And not the love kind

Sixteen-year-old cupid-in-training Kali is in an Olympus-sized mountain of trouble. Rule number one in arrow-toting matchmaking: don’t stick yourself. But accidents happen, and Kali instantly falls hard for her indie rock, bass-playing target, Benicio. The God of Love is going to kill her. Even if he is her dad.

* *
2 / 5

It’s not often that I pick up a romance novel. It’s a rare occurrence in fact, but a great romance novel can be a little guilty pleasure of mine. But unfortunately whilst Lovestruck had a pretty cool premise, it devolved into a bratty girl wanting to make out with a boy who was petty and jealous whilst not loving another guy but also not wanting to let him be with anyone else. How exhausting.

She’s already stolen one boy away from me. She can’t have Ben too

Kali is the immortal daughter of the Greek god of love. She’s one of hundreds of cupids-in-training, who seek out mortals with rough lives and carefully pair them up with others who they think will make a great match. Previously, Kali was pretty good at her job, digging into people’s lives to make sure she made great matches. Then she became a stroppy teenager who becomes obsessed with the idea that nothing matters and it’s all down to fate so why bother?? To be honest I found this pretty funny and relatable.

Kali’s job is on the rocks as she makes mistake after mistake. And then she does the unthinkable – she pricks herself with a love arrow whilst gazing into the eyes of a mortal, and now she’s is desperately in love with a mortal teenager called Ben. And he’s desperately in love with her. Unfortunately, they’re both kind of terrible. Kali treats her immortal friends pretty badly. Her friend, Hector, pricked himself on a love arrow when he was young and now he’ll be in love with Kali forever. Kali isn’t in love with him – which is fine – but she also won’t let him try and find happiness with anyone else either, actively sabotaging any of his dates.

Then there’s Kali’s new love, Ben. Ben is sulky, jealous, and a little bit of an ass. He and Kali share a few interests – music among them – but he can’t stand it when she knows more than him. What a catch. Then there’s Artemis, goddess of the hunt, who Watson makes into a woman who made a mistake as a child and is desperately in need of love, rather than the inspirational figure of a woman who doesn’t need love and sex to be whole. The gods as a whole are weirdly portrayed.

What did I like? Lovestruck was original and I really loved the idea behind it. The idea of immortal kids training to be muses and cupids and security guards was cool. Kali’s friends are interesting and fantastic people. But unfortunately the romance just did not work for me.

My thanks to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for an ARC of Lovestruck

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