The True Queen (Sorcerer Royal #2), Zen Cho


I believe I should have liked that – to have been married to magic

When sisters Muna and Sakti wake up on the peaceful beach of the island of Janda Baik, they can’t remember anything, except that they are bound as only sisters can be. They have been cursed by an unknown enchanter, and slowly Sakti starts to fade awayIf Muna is to save her sister, she must learn to navigate high society, and trick the English magicians into believing she is a magical prodigy.

 * * * *
4 / 5

I didn’t realise that The True Queen was a sequel Sorcerer to the Crown but it was the best kind of sequel – loosely connected to the first book, but exploring something new with new characters. In this case, we move to Janda Baik in Malaysia and two sisters, Muna and Sakti, who woke up on a beach with no memories of their past. ~ A mystery ~

all that is in her is spirit and magic and love of self

Muna and Sakti are wonderful main characters. Muna is devoid of magic and she loves her sister with all her heart. She is pure and kind hearted and she puts up with a lot of shit. Sakti is more flighty, perhaps a touch thoughtless and cruel, and overflowing with magical talent that she practices under the tutelage of Mak Genggang, the witch who found them and took them in. They travel to England to attend Prunella’s new school for Gentlewitches, via the Unseen Realm, or the Fairy Realm, and Sakti is lost.

Alone in a foreign country and without magic, Muna struggles to fit into a society that finds young brown women bizarre and women sorcerers sinful. Muna meets three beloved characters from the first book – Prunella, the Sorcerer Royal, Henrietta, and Zacharias. Whilst Sorcerer to the Crown was about Prunella and Zacharias, this book is about Muna, Sakti, and Henrietta, and it’s delightful!

I do not know why society should abhor an English magicienne but fall into raptures over a foreign sorceress – but there it is!

I don’t think it is necessary to have read the first book to enjoy The True Queen, but all the little ways the two interweave is great. I loved the new perspective that The True Queen brought to the world that Zen Cho has created. The land and the magic of Janda Baik is totally different to that of England and the beauty of the mythology and the magic and the history seeps into the book.

The True Queen is a delightful book that can be read either as a sequel or a standalone.

My thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for an ARC of The True Queen

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