[article] Top Ten Reads of 2019 So Far…


It’s a dog, not a book!


Top Ten Reads of 2019 So Far…


It’s been a while since I’ve written a non-review post (sadly, I’m far too busy with getting my Master’s degree to write monthly roundups anymore), so I thought I’d do a quick overview of the best books I’ve read so far this year. Note, this isn’t just books published in 2019, it’s any book I’ve read this year.

I’ve read 66 books so far and counting, which is a reasonably big sample size. Reviews (if they’re posted yet) are linked by the titles, and I’ve given a few keyword teasers to let you know what kind of book it is. Brace yourselves for some epic literature!

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[article] August Round-Up


A month of reading and relaxing 

August Round Up, 2018

After finishing my temporary job and moving into my new house, August was my month to really catch up on my reading and blogging. I’ve torn through a bunch of my own books and edged my Netgalley feedback ratio up to 74%. I’ve still got a bit of a backlog with respect to review to write, but I’m steadily tackling the (embarrassingly lengthy) list.

[article] June Round-Up


Summer has finally come to England!

June Round Up, 2018

June was the proper start of my summer. I sat my last exam on June 1st and then had a couple of weeks off before starting my new summer job that has kept me very busy! Unfortunately this means that I didn’t get the chance to read that many books – the best one was definitely finishing my audiobook copy of Words of Radiance (Brandon Sanderson) so that I can start the next book, Oathbringer.

[article] Five Series That I’ll Never Finish

They were good, but life got in the way

Five Series That I’ll Never Finish

Or, me learning to recognise what books I shouldn’t bother reading


We’ve all read those books, haven’t we? The kind that are alright, they’re decent. You wouldn’t recommend them to your mate but you don’t consider the hours you spent reading that book a waste of your valuable time. You give the book two or three or maybe even four stars on Goodreads and never think of it again, at least until you stumble on That Book Is Actually a Series #5 and think “dear God, are they still writing them??”.
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[article] May Round-Up


The exams are over! The books are in!

May Round Up, 2018

My exams are finally over! Hopefully I’ve just passed my third year of university – only one more and I’ll have my Masters degree done and dusted! So exciting 🙂

In terms of the book world, I’ve read a lot of light and easy books in May that took my mind off of maths. Unfortunately this does mean that I haven’t read that many books that have absolutely blown my socks off, just a lot of three star reads.

[article] April Round-Up


Books, exams, books, studying, books

April Round Up, 2018

May is the month of my third year university exams and so, like any good student, what I decided that I really needed to do was to plough through a load of books. At the start of April I was 15 books behind schedule on my goal of reading 150 books in 2018, today I am only 8! Hurrah!I read a whopping 17 books this month and have finally started to carve my way back up to that elusive 80% feedback ratio on Netgalley.

More importantly, as you may have noticed, I have moved Atlas Rising Books from Blogger to WordPress. Mostly because of the aesthetics. I love the new look of my blog – I think it’s super snazzy – but my god is it a lot of work. All the posts imported nicely, but I’m updating all the links within the posts manually instead of just redirecting them, and phew.

[article] March Round-Up

Happy Easter!

March Round Up, 2018

I ploughed through some really awesome books this month, from the highly anticipated conclusion to the Illuminae Files, Obsidio, to some banging ARCs like Sky in the Deep and To Kill a Kingdom. I didn’t read a single book under three stars this month – truly an awesome March!
I’m still digging my way through the audiobooks of Brandon Sanderson’s epic Stormlight Archive, ready to get my grubby hands (or ears, I guess) into Oathbringer. On top of that I’m trying to get my Netgalley TBR pile under control and to revise for my end of term university exams – I always seem to be busy this year!

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[article] February Round-Up

My book-plant is the most awesome thing

February Round Up, 2018

Well, it truly has been a record-low on the review writing front for me this month! I’ve been a disaster this month between getting on top of my university month, prepping for summer internship interviews, competing at a national level in my sport, and training for another. I’ve done a fair amount of actual reading, mostly in the car or on the train or the bus, but very little writing. But March might be my month of getting back on track 🙂

February did get me back into audiobooks! I have owned The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and all the Skulduggery Pleasant books on audio for years and I listen to them on repeat fondly. But I finally thought I should get some new ones to listen to whilst walking, so I bought an Audible subscription and I’m loving it. I’m currently working my way through Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings (which I have already read and own in paperback) in preparation for reading Oathbringer.

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[article] January Round-Up

Are your reading resolutions still in full swing?

January Round Up, 2018

A new year and with it, new books! The majority of January was unfortunately taken up with studying for and sitting my third year university exams, but after celebrating the end I dug into my massive stack of books. Mostly, these were Christmas presents and so a massive thank you to all my family and friends for their generous gifts 🙂

Unfortunately, I managed to pick mostly hyped but average books to read – Empress of a Thousand Skies, Blood and Sand – and had better luck with some other anticipated books of mine – All Rights Reserved – and childhood nostalgia – The Tournament at Gorlan. Of course, the showstopper of the month was Pierce Brown’s Morning Star. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on Iron Gold, but am patiently waiting until the paperback edition comes out.

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Reviews By Genre

Here you can find all of my book reviews, loosely grouped genre. Obviously, there is a little bit of personal discretion in how I have categorised these; sometimes there is a very thin line between YA and Adult, or Fantasy and High Fantasy, or a book might fit under several headings.

I have done my best to group these intuitively.

If you are looking for reviews ordered by title, click here.


Young Adult
A Danger to Herself and Others, Alyssa Sheinmel
A Thousand Perfect Notes, C. G. Drews
All Eyes On Us, Kit Frick
All of This Is True, Lygia Day Peñaflor
Am I Normal Yet? (The Spinster Club #1), Holly Bourne
Arctic Zoo, Robert Muchamore
Broken Things, Lauren Oliver

Castaways, The, Jessika Fleck
Easy Prey, Catherine Lo

Female of the Species, The, Mindy McGinnis 
Final Draft, Riley Redgate
Genuine Fraud, E. Lockhart
Girlhood, Cat Clarke
Girls Can’t Hit, Tom Easton
Girl Off The Grid, Jillian Dodd
Grendel’s Guide To Love and War, A. E. Kaplan
Hit the Ground Running, Mark Burley
I Hate Everyone But You, Gaby Dunn
Island, The, M. A. Bennett
Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore, The, Kim Fu
Lucy and Linh, Alice Pung
Manifesto On How To Be Interesting, The, Holly Bourne
Mountain, Ursula Pflug
More of Me, Kathryn Evans
Noteworthy, Riley Redgate
Nothing, Annie Barrows
One Of Us Is Lying, Karen McManus
Orchid Caper, The, Connie Dowell
Punk Factor, The, Rebecca Denton
Radio Silence, Alice Oseman
Reality Gold, Tiffany Brooks
S.T.A.G.S, M. Bennett
Short History of the Girl Next Door, A, Jared Reck
Similars, The, Rebecca Hanover

Solitaire, Alice Oseman
Starfish, Akemi Bowman
Sucktown, Alaska, Craig Dirkes
They Both Die At the End, Adam Silvera
Toxic, Nicci Cloke
Valley Girls, Sarah Nicole Lemon
Ariadnis, Josh Martin
Ash Princess, Laura Sebastian

Beasts Made of Night, Tochi Onyebuchi
Before She Ignites (Fallen Isles #1), Jodie Meadows

Boy With The Porcelain Blade, The, Den Patrick
Carve the Mark, Veronica Roth
Crown of Feathers, Nicki Pau Preto
Dark of the West (Glass Alliance #1), Joanna Hathaway

Den of Shadows, Christopher Byford
Descendants, Rae Else
Empress of all Seasons, Emiko Jean

Everless (#1), Sara Holland
Fireblood (Frostblood Saga #2), Elly Blake
Fire Queen, The (The Hundredth Queen #2),  Emily R. King
Frostblood (Frostblood Saga #1), Elly Blake
Furyborn, Claire Legrand
Girls of Paper and Fire (Girls of Paper & Fire #1), Natasha Ngan
Girls of Storm and Shadow (Girls of Paper & Fire #2), Natasha Ngan
Grace and Fury, Tracy Banghart
Grace Year, The, Kim Liggett
Hundredth Queen, The (The Hundredth Queen #1), Emily King
Lady Smoke (Ash Princess #2), Laura Sebastian

Mask of Shadows, Linsey Miller
Master of Sorrows, Justin Call
Mirage, Somaiya Daud

One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns #2), Kendare Blake
Queen of Ruin (Grace and Fury #2), Tracy Banghart
Queendom of the Seven Lakes, A. Endacott

Quests of the Kings, Robert Evert
Raging Ones, The, (The Raging Ones #1),  Krista & Becca Ritchie

Rebel of the Sands, Alwyn Hamilton
Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard
Resurrection (Skulduggery Pleasant #10), Derek Landy
Rogue Queen, The (The Hundredth Queen #3), Emily R. King
Rosemarked (Rosemarked #1), Livia Blackburne
Ruined (Ruined #1), Amy Tintera
Scourge (Darkhurst #1), Gail Z. Martin
Scythe, Neal Shusterman
Shadow Frost, Coco Ma
Sin Soldiers, The, Tracy Auerbach
Sky In The Deep, Adrienne Young
Slayer, Kiersten White
Smoke Thieves, The, Sally Green
Sorcery of Thorns, Margaret Rogerson
Storm Crow, The, Kalyn Josephson
Tethered Mage, The (Swords and Fire #1), Melissa Caruso
Thief, The (The Queen’s Thief #1), Megan Whalen Turner
Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns #1), Kendare Blake
True Born (True Born Trilogy #1), L. E. Sterling
True North (True Born Trilogy #2), L. E. Sterling
We Hunt The Flame, Hafsah Faizal
The Last Namsara (Iskari #1), Kristen Ciccarelli

Magical Realism
All the Crooked Saints, Maggie Stiefvater
Caraval, Stephanie Garber
Crown’s Game, The (The Crown’s Game #1), Evelyn Skye
Daughter of the Burning City, Amanda Foody
Fallen Flame, J Miller
Hush, The, Skye Melki-Wegner
House of Mountfathom, The, Nigel McDowell
Renegades, Marissa Meyer
Secret Runners of New York, The, Matthew Reilly
Philosopher’s Flight, The,  Tom Miller
Trial By Fire, Lore Graham
True Queen, The, (Sorcerer Royal #2), Zen Cho
Uncrossing, The, Melissa Eastlake
Witchtown, Cory Putnam Oakes


Epic Crush of Genie Lo, The, F. Lee
Hammer of Thor, The (Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard #2), Rick Riordan
Hidden Oracle, The (Trials of Apollo #1), Rick Riordan
Sword of Summer, The (Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard #1), Rick Riordan

A Tale of Two Ladies, Glenn Song
Brother’s Ruin, Emma Newman

Bull, David Elliott
Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1), Marissa Meyer
Flame In The Mist, Renee Ahdieh
Heartless, Marissa Meyer
Smoke in the Sun (Flame in the Mist #2), Renee Ahdieh

To Kill A Kingdom, Alexandra Christo
American Royals, Katherine McGee
Definitions of Indefinable Things, Whitney Taylor
Elite, The (The Selection #2), Kiera Cass
Lovestruck, Kate Watson

Love and Vandalism, Laurie Crompton
Under Rose-Tainted Skies, Louise Gornall
When Dimple Met Rishi, Sandhya Menon
Winner’s Curse, The, Marie Rutkoski

Romance LGBT
Antisocial, Heidi Cullinan
Autoboyography, Christina Lauren
In Ageless Sleep, Arden Ellis
Skylarks,  Karen Gregory
What If It’s Us? Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

Ascension, Victor Dixen
Dazzling Heights, The, (The Thousandth Floor #2), Katharine McGee
Defy the Stars (Constellations #1)
, Claudia Gray
Defy the Worlds (Constellations #2), Claudia Gray
Diabolic, The (The Diabolic #1), S. Kincaid
Digging in the Stars, Katherine Blakeney
Evaporation of Sofi Snow, The, Mary Weber
Invictus, Ryan Graudin
Limited Wish (Impossible Times #2), Mark Lawrence

Mercury in Retrograde, Merethe Walther
My Side of the Diamond, Sally Gardner
Nyxia (The Nyxia Triad #1), Scott Reintgen
Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2), Scott Reintgen
One Word Kill (Impossible Times #1), Mark Lawrence
Our Dark Stars, Audrey Grey & Krystal Wade
Revenger, Alastair Reynolds

Satellite, Nick Lake
Skyward, Brandon Sanderson
Towering Sky, The, (The Thousandth Floor #3), Katherine McGee

Unknown Horizons, C J Birch
Warcross (Warcross #1), Marie Lu
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, Gail Honeyman
Release, Patrick Ness
Shock of the Fall, The, Nathan Filer
Ten Birthdays, Kerry Wilkinson

Arm of the Sphinx (The Books of Babel #2), Josiah Bancroft
Dragon Republic, The, (The Poppy War #2), R. F. Kuang
Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicles #2), Jay Kristoff
Grey Bastards, The, (The Lot Lands #1), Jonathan French
Lord of Secrets, Breanna Teintze
Monster Baru Cormorant, The, (The Masquerade #2), Seth Dickinson

Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1), Jay Kristoff
The Rage of Dragons, Evan Winter

Red Rising, Pierce Brown
Senlin Ascends (The Books of Babel #1), Josiah Bancroft
Traitor Baru Cormorant, The, (The Masquerade #1), Seth Dickinson
Undoing of Arlo Knott, The, Heather Child

Court of Broken Knives, The (Empires of Dust #1), Anna Smith Spark
Mandelbrot the Magnificient, Liz Ziemska
No Time To Spare, Ursula K. Le Guin
Princess Saves Herself In This One, The, Amanda Lovelace

Romance LGBT
Breakthrough, Kris Bryant
Eyes Like Those (Seven Shores #1), Melissa Brayden
Hearts Like Hers (Seven Shores #2), Melissa Brayden
Sparks Like Ours (Seven Shores #3), Melissa Brayden

Strawberry Summer, Melissa Brayden
Lost Puzzler, The, Eyal Kless
Ninefox Gambit, Yoon Ha Lee
This is How You Lose the Time War, Amel El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone



State of Grace, The, Rachael Lucas
White Hare, The, Michael Fishwick

Stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else!

Big Mushy Happy Lump, Sarah Andersen
Elf Warfare, Chris Pramas
Joyride #1, Jackson Lanzing
Jungle Book, The: Manga Classics, Chrystal Chan
Lost Path, The, Amélie Fléchais
Random Illustrated Facts, Mike Lowery
Ravine, Stjepan Sejic
Welcome Back #1, Christopher Sebela