[article] June Round-Up


Summer has finally come to England!

June Round Up, 2018

June was the proper start of my summer. I sat my last exam on June 1st and then had a couple of weeks off before starting my new summer job that has kept me very busy! Unfortunately this means that I didn’t get the chance to read that many books – the best one was definitely finishing my audiobook copy of Words of Radiance (Brandon Sanderson) so that I can start the next book, Oathbringer.

[article] Five Series That I’ll Never Finish

They were good, but life got in the way

Five Series That I’ll Never Finish

Or, me learning to recognise what books I shouldn’t bother reading


We’ve all read those books, haven’t we? The kind that are alright, they’re decent. You wouldn’t recommend them to your mate but you don’t consider the hours you spent reading that book a waste of your valuable time. You give the book two or three or maybe even four stars on Goodreads and never think of it again, at least until you stumble on That Book Is Actually a Series #5 and think “dear God, are they still writing them??”.
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[article] AtlasRisingBooks Turns One!

A Year in the Life of a Book Blogger

AtlasRisingBooks Turns One!

Or, I successfully manage to run this circus for a year

When I take up a new hobby I do try very hard to stick to it. But I don’t always manage it; previous failed hobbies include crocheting, digital artwork, kung fu, yoga, and learning to code. These lasted a couple of months at best, taken up at a moment of passion and then soon given up, but writing book reviews has, somehow, managed to last an entire year! I’m super proud of myself and I’m going to reflect a little bit on my year of book blogging, including some blogging tips!

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