They Both Die At the End, Adam Silvera


stories can make someone immortal as long as someone else is willing to listen”

When Mateo receives the dreaded call from Death-Cast, informing him that today will be his last, he doesn’t know where to begin. Rufus is busy beating up his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend when he gets the call. 

Isolated and scared, the boys reach out to each other, and what follows is a day of living life to the full. Though neither of them had expected that this would involve falling in love.

* * * *
4 / 5

My first Adam Silvera book, They Both Die At the End, ripped out my heart and stomped all over it. I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I turned the final page and closed the cover.

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The Raging Ones (The Raging Ones #1), Krista & Becca Ritchie

“The three of us – we’re an odd sort, aren’t we?”

Franny Bluecastle, a tough city teen, dreams of dying in opulence, to see wealth she’s never known. Like the entire world, she believes it’s impossible to dodge a deathday. Until the day she does.

Court Icecastle knows wealth. He also knows pain. Mykal Kickfall fights for those he loves. The rugged Hinterlander shares a frustrating yet unbreakable connection with Court—which only grows more lawless and chaotic as their senses and emotions connect with Franny.

With the threat of people learning they’ve dodged their deathdays, they must flee their planet to survive.

* * * *
4 / 5

The Raging Ones was a fantastic read. It was so creative – set in a frozen world with a lilac sky where each individual knows which day they will die on – and the characters were so compelling. Massive kudos for not including a love triangle between the two male characters and the female one; instead The Raging Ones cultivates a powerful friendship alongside a gay male romance.
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Sparks Like Ours (Seven Shores #3), Melissa Brayden

For Gia, this was a form of church. She honoured the waves with the respect they deserved

Gia Malone wants one thing and one thing only: to be the best surfer in the world. Her biggest obstacle is the annoyingly perky Elle Britton. Not only is Elle number one in the rankings, she’s also a fan favorite.

Elle Britton is tired. After tournaments, fan meet-ups, and nonstop media requests, all she wants in the world is a little peace and quiet. But with Gia Malone closing in on her ranking, she has to surf her best. 

Read my reviews of the other books in this series: Eyes Like Those (#1), Hearts Like Hers (#2), and Love Like This (#4).

* * *
3 / 5

Definitely my favourite of the series so far! I loved all the surfing action, a sport I know virtually nothing about but that sounds really cool, and I’m a big lover of the enemies-to-lovers trope. Like it’s content, this is definitely an easy beach read.

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Hearts Like Hers (Seven Shores #2), Melissa Brayden


I wondered if what we had was enough to make you want to stay

Autumn Primm’s Venice Beach coffee shop, The Cat’s Pajamas, is her pride and joy. While she doesn’t mind the long hours, she finds herself staring dreamily out the window, imagining the life she’s yet to lead. 

Kate Carpenter needs to get away. A small-town firefighter, Kate’s been crowned a local hero for reasons she can’t quite get behind. Dreamy Autumn Primm was never supposed to be part of that bargain. What Kate needs is a temporary escape, emphasis on temporary.

Read my reviews of the other books in this series: Eyes Like Those (#1), Sparks Like Ours (#3), and Love Like This (#4).

* * *
3 / 5

The sequel to Eyes Like Those, Hearts Like Hers switches focus to feature Autumn Primm, the owner of the coffee shop The Cat’s Pajamas. Like it’s predecessor, Hearts Like Hers is a sweet and steamy romance, but it was a little too light to be memorable.

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The Uncrossing, Melissa Eastlake

Luke always smelled like church and magic

Luke can uncross almost any curse—they unravel themselves for him like no one else. Then he encounters the first curse he can’t break. And it involves Jeremy, the beloved, sheltered prince of the Kovrov family—the one boy he absolutely shouldn’t be falling for. 

Jeremy’s been in love with cocky, talented Luke since they were kids. Jeremy’s family keeps generations of deadly secrets, forcing him to choose between love and loyalty. As Luke fights to break the curse, a magical, citywide war starts crackling, and it’s tied to Jeremy.

* * * 

3 / 5
The Uncrossing was an odd little book. It’s about a curse on a young man called Jeremy Kovrov, the adopted son of a powerful family, and another boy who can unravel almost any curse. It’s about magic in New York, about power and history and the lengths we will go to to hide the past. But it was also just plain weird.

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Final Draft, Riley Redgate

She bowed under the heaviness of the hours she hadn’t lived yet

The only sort of risk 18-year-old Laila Piedra enjoys is the peril she writes for the characters in her stories: epic sci-fi worlds full of quests, forbidden love, and robots. Her creative writing teacher has always told her she has a special talent. But three months before her graduation, he’s suddenly replaced—by Nadiya Nazarenko, a Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist who is sadistically critical and perpetually unimpressed.

At first, Nazarenko’s eccentric assignments seem absurd. But before long, Laila grows obsessed with gaining the woman’s approval.  Dr. Nazarenko has led Laila to believe that she must choose between perfection and sanity—but rejecting her all-powerful mentor may be the only way for Laila to thrive.


* * * * 
4 / 5

When I finished Final Draft my main emotion was sad. Redgate portrayed depression and grief so realistically, it made me feel a bit empty inside, which is how I know an author has hit the nail on the head. This isn’t really a happy book, but it’s definitely a great one.

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