Hearts Like Hers (Seven Shores #2), Melissa Brayden


I wondered if what we had was enough to make you want to stay

Autumn Primm’s Venice Beach coffee shop, The Cat’s Pajamas, is her pride and joy. While she doesn’t mind the long hours, she finds herself staring dreamily out the window, imagining the life she’s yet to lead. 

Kate Carpenter needs to get away. A small-town firefighter, Kate’s been crowned a local hero for reasons she can’t quite get behind. Dreamy Autumn Primm was never supposed to be part of that bargain. What Kate needs is a temporary escape, emphasis on temporary.

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* * *
3 / 5

The sequel to Eyes Like Those, Hearts Like Hers switches focus to feature Autumn Primm, the owner of the coffee shop The Cat’s Pajamas. Like it’s predecessor, Hearts Like Hers is a sweet and steamy romance, but it was a little too light to be memorable.

“What can I bring?” Your awesomely thick dark hair. Your kind heart. The lips I’d go to battle for.

August Primm loves coffee. She loves her job but recently it seems like the fates are conspiring to make her feel lonely. Her ex just got married (she felt that it would be seriously rude to turn down the invitation), she just turned 34, and she’s still single. Then into her life walks gorgeous Kate Carpenter, a firefighter running from a tragedy. But they’re agreed – just something causal – so what could  possibly go wrong?

Hearts Like Hers is a fluffy romance at its core; it’s cute and fairly typical. Autumn’s down and ready for a fling when Kate struts into her life. Kate’s taking a break from her job; she rescued two kids from a house fire but their father died. Her town hailed her as a hero, but Kate is full of guilt and seeks comfort in the arms of Autumn. Their romance is smouldering with a fair amount of chemistry.

“I don’t think I can be who you want me to be”

In the end everything seemed a bit too simple. Hearts Like Hers gets most of its tension from external stuff: Autumn has been planning to be artificially inseminated for a while and Kate’s consistently worried about the two kids she saved from the fire. But these things get resolved really easily. What also didn’t work so well for me was the other members of the Seven Shore cast – like in Eyes Like Those, with the focus on the main character the other women become pretty interchangeable –  Isabel, Hadley, and Gia.

This book could stand alone, but it is also a natural continuation of its predecessor. If you liked Eyes Like Those you’ll probably like Hearts Like Hers.

My thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for an ARC of Hearts Like Hers


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